Shania Punjabi as Indonesia's Beautiful Woman

2013-12-04 01:21:01

Shania Punjabi, Director of Corporate Affairs MD Entertainment, also the wife of Manoj Punjabi, always manages to stun everyone with her beauty and soft nature.  She is forever so calm and she has a knack in making the other person or interviewer feel comfortable around her. It is no wonder then that Shania was chosen as "Indonesia's Beautiful Women" in the High End Magazine which was held on Wednesday 20th March 2013 at La Moda Cafe, Plaza Indonesia.  This event was held by  Liliana Tanoesoedibjo and Angela Tanoesoedibjo (High End Magazine Chair Women MNC Media Group commissioner and editor in chief) and this inspirational event was attended by 23 beautiful women chosen by High End "Touch of Gold

What Shania never expected was that amongst hundreds of beautiful women in Indonesia, she would get picked as one of the prettiest. Along with 22 others, Shania dressed in a black and gold outfit, went up on stage to receive her award. The event "23 of Indonesia's Beautiful Women" started of with a lunch and was followed by a Fashion Show by Bramanta Wijaya who showcased his beautiful clothes with a touch of gold. On stage along with Shania were Alexandra Asmasoebrata, Ayu Mirah, Coretta Louise Kapoyos, Diana Geovani, Inez Putri, Marissa Nasution, Olivia Bobby, Olla Ramlan, Punan, Renata Kusmanto, Rere Soedjarwo, and many more

Upon getting this award, Team PR-MD curiously asked Shania "Do u feel beautiful?" to which she humbly replied "Beauty is relative. To me what is most important is that if you are beautiful on the inside automatically this beauty shows on the outside easily


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