Habibie- Ainun caught on film!

2013-12-04 01:21:01

Prof. DR (HC). Ing. Dr. Sc. Mult. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie or as he is famously known as BJ Habibie (75years) is a "blaster" man. His mother is javanese and his father is from Makassar. He was born in Pare Pare ( South Sulawesi) on the 25th of June 1936. Habibie was the 7th vice president of Indonesia for 2 months and then he became the 3rd President of Indonesia for a year and four months.

After the demise of his wife, Dr.Hasri Ainun in 2010, he suffered a deep loss. And so to not drown in the sorrow, he poured  out his relationship with his late wife in a book titled 'Habibie-Ainun'.

This book became a best seller and was later translated in many languages such as english, german,japanese and arabic and launched in the above countries.

After the success of this book, the story of Habibie-Ainun is soon to be shown on the big screen. And so through a long process and with a tight selection team, MD pictures is the production house that has been trusted to work on the film.

The deal to work together was signed at a press conference which was held at BJ Habibie's residence in Jakarta on the 26th of August 2011 by BJ Habibie and Manoj Punjabi as the Producer of MD Pictures.

On this occasion Habibie said that the decision in choosing MD was not because of his closeness with Manoj but it was based on a professional and realistic decision.

And he reminded everyone that this movie was not going to be an easy job because the character filmed is still living and so everything has to be communicated, criticized and corrected by the concerned party.

Let's just wait for the movie! (MN)


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