MD's blood donation drive with Jusuf Kala and celebrities

2014-01-20 01:21:30

Periodically, MD has been having a blood donation drive since June 2010. On Friday the 17th of January 2014 at MD Place- South Jakarta, MD held its 7th drive.

In co-operation with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), this event is always packed with donors. Not less than 300 people participated in this event.

What made this event all the more special was the presence of Drs.H.M Jusuf Kalla, Indonesia's former vice president and Chairman of PMI as well as MD's artists such as Laudya C. Bella, Shireen Sungkar, Teuku Wisnu, Marcel Chandrawinata, Donita, Adly Fairuz, Indra Bruggman, Gracia Indri,  Estelle Linden, Bertrand Antolin and many more.

Voluntarily and with full enthusiasm they participated as well as encouraged all the other donors,accompanied some music entertainment.

Mahir's band, Dragon Boyz, Irene, Bowby and other singers entertained everyone. The MC was the famous and hilarious duo Bemby Putuanda and Bowby who enhanced the excitement of this event.

The joy didn't just stop there. The donors were each given a souvenir as well as food and drinks by Starbucks. This social event of helping people and spreading joy is just what Manoj Punjabi, the Director of MD Entertainment, wanted.

Seeing all this, Jusuf Kalla was extremely pleased and gave his full support for this event.
In his speech, JK, as he is normally called, said that routinely donating blood helps in a lot of ways such as it helps in the flow of blood, it helps in keeping the blood fresh and healthy and Infact frees us from many diseases.

Before leaving the event, JK took a tour of the MD Entertainment office at MD Place. Thank you Mr. JK! (MN)


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