Cinta Fitri Season Ramadhan, Welcoming The Holy Month

2013-12-04 01:21:01

When Cinta Fitri (CF) Season Ramadhan – an MD Entertainment production went back on air on the 20th of July, it succeded in winning the attention of the people in Indonesia. As per the TV ratings and research done by a well known survey, CF always managed to stay on top. This year at the SCTV awards, CF Season Ramadhan, succeded in again getting an award for being the most favourite programme along with the following awards

1. Teuku Wisnu for Best Actor

2. Shireen Sungkar for Best Actress

3. Adly Fairuz for Best Supporting Actor

4. Dinda Kanyadewi for Best Supporting Actress

These awards add on to the success of Cinta Fitri for two years in a row as the Best Programme SCTV Awards 2008 as well as Favourite Drama Series Panasonic Awards 2009


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